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Rosé Day

The summertime is slowly approaching and it is never a bad idea to start thinking about those long summer days with a glass of Rosé and some warm nights. Rosé is a refreshing summer wine perfect for hot days. Rosé is crisp, dry, fragrant, and refreshing. If you see a glass of Rosé, that is a sign that relaxation and rejuvenation is coming! It is almost time to grab your friends and that charcuterie board. Read this blog to see why Rosé is best enjoyed in the summertime.

Rosé & Summer Foods

While there is no scientific evidence as to why Rosé is best in the summertime, people love to enjoy this type of wine in the summer because it pairs so well with summer foods. These light and fresh delights are salads, grilled fish, and vegetables. Rosé is recommended to go with these types of foods because of its light feeling. 

The Summertime Heat

If you’re looking for the perfect glass to enjoy your Rosé in the summer, wine consultants recommend using an insulated wine tumbler. They suggest that while it would be ideal for admiring the beautiful pink hue of your wine when it comes to outdoor drinking, traditional stemmed glasses are kind of a pain. Glass is a no-go at most pools, beaches, and outdoor concerts, and most of the plastic glasses with stems are just not cute. Stemmed glasses are also hard to balance on uneven surfaces like grass or sand, leading to spills.

The Summer Of Rosé

Rosé wines are made by fermenting red grapes with the skins removed after a short time, giving them their signature pink color. The color of rosé can range from a pale salmon pink to a bright and shiny raspberry or a darker cherry juice tone, almost like in a Pinot Noir. Rosé wines have a wide range of aromas and flavors. Some of the most typical and delicious ones on the fruit side are strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. All of these aromas and flavors make Rosé a perfect wine for summer.

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