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King Gillette Ranch, an expanse of 588 acres, lies nestled in the landscape between Calabasas and Malibu within the Santa Monica Mountains. Native wildlife roams freely amidst its rolling lawns and ponds, where bridges span over the water, hosting turtles and fish. The Ranch has distinguished courtyards and the iconic mansion, providing an elegant backdrop for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a dinner party, or a cocktail soirée, the expansive lawns and surrounding buildings of King Gillette Ranch offer a multitude of options for hosting memorable events. In this blog, we will be focusing on the three main events that go on at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, California. Those include Rosé Day LA, Nights of the Jack, and Holiday Road.

rose day at King Gillette Ranch

Rosé Day LA At King Gillette Ranch

Rosé Day LA is an event in Los Angeles dedicated to celebrating rosé wine and having a good time. It typically features tastings of various rosé wines from different vineyards and regions, along with food pairings, live music, and entertainment. Rosé Day LA provides an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the diverse flavors and styles of rosé in a festive and social atmosphere. The event often attracts both wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, offering a chance to discover new favorites and indulge in the vibrant world of rosé wine. Along with the tastings, Rosé Day LA offers the most exclusive party scene, with tables and cabanas. Book your tickets for Rosé Day LA here.

King Gillette Ranch Hosts Nights Of The Jack

Nights of the Jack is an annual Halloween event held in Los Angeles, California, starting in September and ending in late October. It features a mesmerizing display of thousands of hand-carved, illuminated jack-o’-lanterns creatively arranged along a walking trail. These intricately carved pumpkins depict various themes, characters, and scenes, ranging from classic Halloween motifs to pop culture icons. Visitors can stroll through the illuminated trail, marveling at the impressive pumpkin carvings and enjoying the festive atmosphere. Nights of the Jack often includes additional attractions such as live entertainment, food vendors, and interactive experiences, making it a popular destination for families and Halloween enthusiasts seeking a memorable seasonal adventure. Check out Nights of the Jack ticket availability here.

holiday road

Celebrate The Season At Holiday Road In Calabasas, CA

Holiday Road is a seasonal attraction that transforms a stretch of roadway or a specific area into a festive wonderland, typically during the holiday season. It’s characterized by elaborate light displays, themed decorations, and interactive installations that evoke the spirit of the holidays. Visitors often drive or walk through Holiday Road to experience the dazzling array of lights and decorations, immersing themselves in the joyous atmosphere. When the holiday season rolls around, buy your tickets here.

Visit King Gillette Ranch In Los Angeles, CA Today

Join us for an unforgettable journey through these incredible events. Whether it’s Halloween, wine tasting, or holiday festivities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the heart of Los Angeles. Don’t wait! Plan your visit now. See how to get to King Gillette Ranch here.

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