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The popular belief is that wine generally improves in quality as it ages. However, the exception is drawn for rosé wine as it is commonly believed that rosé is best enjoyed when taken early. However, there are new innovations in winemaking, and the rosé wine is not left out. Winemakers have been able to give the wine more stability, which allows it to stay in good shape as time passes. Thus, the flavors have more time to seep through for a better drinking experience. Read on to find out if your rosé wine will improve in quality and taste if it ages.

Does Rosé Wine Improve with Age?

Old rosé wines were not known to improve as they age. This is because they have little tannin, a compound that makes wine last long. However, with the increased market demand, there has been a need to improve its quality in comparison to other popular wines. For most people, their best rosés were had on their visit to wineries. However, they find poor flavor with bottles picked off market shelves. Hence, producers have worked in recent years to improve their production, help wines last longer, and taste even better.

Fortunately, quite a few manufacturers have succeeded in improving their wine quality. The rosé travels better and lasts longer, so consumers can enjoy a good sip in their choice of any bottle and an even better experience when their wines are left to age. 

It is important to note here that not all rosé wines age well. The production process of these wines was modified to give better flavors to the wine while increasing its longevity. However, this stability should not be expected from cheap, mass-produced wines. Most such wines are made without much refinement and may not stand the test of time compared to high-quality rosés. 

How Do You Know A Well-Aged Rosé Wine?

Experienced wine retailers can recommend aged rosé wines when asked. So, the next time you go shopping for a rosé, don’t grab a random bottle. Ask an experienced hand for a recommendation.

Most noteworthy producers allow their wines to age in the bottles for many months to a few years before sending them to market shelves. Such wines don’t need to be aged further before they can be enjoyed. 

Another easy way to get yourself a nicely aged rosé is by comparing prices. Good quality rosé wines are more expensive than random store-bought wines. So, if you find a cheap wine bottle, chances are that it won’t age well, and you should opt for a fresh bottle and drink it early.

Good quality rosés often come in dark-colored bottles. This can be an indication that the manufacturer’s focus is the taste of the wine rather than an attractive color. So, if you are new to wine choosing, don’t pick a bottle based on how nice the color is. 

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